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Student Information System (SIS) Software

​Gain efficiency and end data stress with Blackbaud’s solution for student information that enables K-12 private schools and higher education institutions to easily manage attendance, academic records, schedules, grading, and much more.

Boosting Efficiency, Accuracy, and Communication

Administrators and educators have a wealth of student data and information to manage, from schedules and grades to course requests and attendance history. Without a single, accurate source, it’s difficult to have 100% confidence in your data.

Blackbaud Student Information System, combined with our Blackbaud Learning Management System, provides a 360-degree view of all student data to improve workflows and communication.

With Blackbaud’s solution for student information, you’ll:

  • Empower staff to be more efficient with a single online experience
  • Increase accuracy of reporting grades, attendance, and performance
  • Engage students with a streamlined schedule to meet evolving needs
  • Effectively communicate with tools that allow staff to post personalized student comments
  • Provide an exceptional experience with built-in features, such as directories, notifications, and messaging

Grading System

Faculty benefit by rolling up course grades from the Blackbaud Learning Management System Gradebook while retaining the ability to customize final grades.

  • Grading supports numeric or letter grades with criteria-based assessment and comments
  • Registrar and administrative staff can access grades, recommendations, and transcripts instantly
  • Administrators give approval prior to faculty publishing grades

Scheduling and Course Request Capabilities

Build a schedule to match your unique criteria and culture while incorporating recommendations and an approval process into online course requests.

  • Manage student- and advisor-submitted course requests for the next year or term
  • Facilitate scheduling for future terms, and create unique schedule sets
  • Locate faculty and students using the Find Me Now feature

Student Attendance Capabilities

Online attendance records make it easy for students and faculty to review attendance history.

  • Faculty manage class-based attendance
  • You’ll save time with daily bulk entry of attendance records
  • Dismissal and pre-excuse management are included

What's the best SIS software?

The best student information system is one where courses in the scheduling module transfer directly into the learning management system; student data originates in the enrollment management system to avoid issues with importing data or syncing third-party databases; the same login credentials are used to access grades and to make payments in the tuition management system; and alumni profile updates sync to the accounting and fundraising software solutions.

Only Blackbaud provides the true all-in-one cloud solution.

"As an administrator who is responsible for communications and technology, I believe our adoption of [Blackbaud solutions] has turned what many perceive as a challenging, near impossible job into a wonderful, manageable job.”


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